Bed and Bivvy

This week I took a #microadventure. 

I explored what London had to offer without spending more than £5. 

Taking a short train out of the city I met up with a group of friends, we then walked around for 20 minutes finding a good camping site. 

It was really important to have the right gear especially in the Spring because often it can look all lovely and warm but once you get into your sleeping bag you can suddenly feel the chill! We all over packed just in case ( I hate cold toes). Recommended kit list:

  • Waterproofs
  • Change of clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bivvy
  • Snacks (essential, for me anyway)
  • 40l bag
  • dry bag (not essential if you don't mind things getting a little damp)
  • warm layers
  • bottled water
  • roll mat
  • a sense of adventure (sounds cheesy but I couldn't resist adding it)

Once we were all settled we chilled, ate and generally laughed the night away. 

The night wasn't scary with a big group of us, we all slept side by side for extra warmth. 

Rain did occur mid way though the night however I was saved by my glorious bivvy bag! I'd never used a bivvy bag before but they are amazing. They slot around you like a regular sleeping bag protecting you from wind and rain (saves a lot of effort in putting a tent up). 


When I woke up I had a wonderful feeling, almost like I was on holiday. In fact I had to remind myself that actually I had work today and I wasn't camping it out on the South of France which I thought a glorious concept to overcome. I had managed to turn my whole week from being dull and boring to fabulous! Even thinking about it now it still makes me happy.  

We awoke to Spike cooking us bacon sandwiches and lots of yummy left over snacks. 

What I'll take away from this camping trip is: 

  • Camping isn't as hard as I thought
  • You just need to go out there and explore
  • Trust me you'll feel wonderful afterwards
  • Say yes more! 

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