Asics Frontrunners

How Running can Change your Life

They are fast, they are motivational and I made them run back and forth for at least 2 hours. We had a blast. 


The Frontrunner crew started in 2010 as a way to promote Asics but they have grown and now its a little mini community. All of the Frontrunners have their own personal story about how running has individually changed their lives.


Becca also known as @thisbunnyruns has lost 5 stone since she started running. Her story is inspirational

"I was tipping the scales at over 15 stone and just about getting into size 18 dresses. Everyone is different, but for me that wasn’t a healthy weight. I was determined to do something. That’s how I initially found running"

Read more of Becca's amazing journey here


The lovely and brilliant Corey is type 1 diabetic, she has battled through an ankle injury and still manages to run ultras! This woman can do anything. 

"my life was flipped upside down with a traumatic foot injury and then a near death experience followed by a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.  Yea, it was a shitty year but I got through it, it’s still hard but things these days are much better"

She has proven that even being a diabetic you can still exercise regularly with the right food intake. 


Similar to Becca, Liam also started running to loose weight:

"I've made some of my best friends through sport become happier, healthier mentally and physically whilst experiencing the highs and lows of being endurance athlete. I cannot wait to see what the next leg of the journey will bring me."

As you can see the sport has not only physically but mentally changed his life. A story not uncommon in the running community. He's currently in training for the Barcelona Ironman! 

Jon is a GBR triathlete. Need I say more! 

He runs major distances and always encourages people to get out there and just explore:

"The weekly grind starts once again! Find your motivation, set a goal and work towards it"

As soon as you look at his Insta you just want to run. 

"I'm kept optimistic by the kind, genuine and caring runners I've come to know over the years. Unfortunately, runners can tear each other down, but in complete contrast, they can also build each other up. Let's focus on the latter, no matter your experience, pace or distance!"

Anna has ran a total of 7 ultras (that's a lot of food!) and 12 marathons. She is an advocate for speed and her pace during long distance events is incredible. 


Holly (on the left) also known as an ultra nut, has had her fair share of struggles. Having grown up on a farm (like me) in the middle of no where food was never really thought about because it was always healthy and fresh from the ground. However when she started running marathons and exercising she took things to the extreme:

"I was spending up to half my day in the gym and if I couldn’t do that I would come back in the evening to expend more calories. I was obsessed with the calorie number on the machine and set myself ridiculous targets that I had to hit before I was able to eat dinner."

Years later she has managed to find a balance between running, food and friends. She says it hasn't been easy in the slightest but after having taken a 5 year break from running she is now back at it with a more healthy attitude. I found her blog a really interesting and honest read, thank you Holly.

Honesty is Marcus's strength on social media, he manages to be open about how hard running can really be: 

"My long run last week was really difficult, at times I questioned my running ability. Although I achieved my workout target, some days feel easy, but some days like this are challenging."

He doesn't sugar coat the struggle of waking up for a run when all you want to do is stay in bed, he writes about what really happens. This gives a lot of people the real and honest feedback that they need to feel like it's ok to have an off day. 

"167.5km / 9457m of ascent / 39 hours 30 minutes of cold/rain/hail/snow and mud in the french/italian & swiss alps"

An achievement if I ever saw one. This is Raphael another ultra runner with some grumpy tapering issues (his poor girlfriend). He documents his long training runs and talks about how sometimes you have to substitute the trails for a gym just to get the miles in. 

The point I've been trying to make with this blog is that running isn't just a sport or a pass time it's a way of life. The inspiration and motivation to go outside and run is everywhere. You just need to put on some trainers and get out the door, even if you run for just 5 minutes it's still running. I agree with all of these amazing people above, running personally changed my life too I'm a happier person since I started running and it's a great source of exercise because it can be done anywhere. 

A glorious quote from one of my friends was:

"Running has been so helpful for both my emotional and physical health. Whether I've been running away from my problems or running to the solutions, there has been a common theme: I've been running."

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