A little Crussh update

As most of you may know Crussh is one of my favourite clients, they provide healthy fit food to the people of London. 


Recently they have been opening lots of new stores, including Holland and Barrett: 


And Debenhams:


I try to personally pick clients who I support in either their brand goals or their ethos, it stems from when I was younger and I used to stay at my friends houses where I would be fed fast food all weekend, by Monday I'd always feel terrible! I used to come home begging my mum for a salad, ever since then I've had a need for healthy food to not only keep my body happy but also energised. So if I can photograph companies that embody that mindset my goal has been achieved! 

I love to support companies who have a good ethos in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Crussh are a wonderful company to work for and I can always count on them for a 4pm smoothie burst to finish off my day. 


P.s If you havent tried the almond butter protein you NEED to it's amazing! 

Health and Fitness Photographer