Midnight Runners Berlin

No we don't run at midnight but it was slightly past my bedtime! 

I am currently writing this blog on the train to the airport after an incredible weekend. I feel like I've achieved so much since Friday, three full days of taking in the Berlin scenery with the supportive midnight runners. 

The weekend started off with a very early start. After a 2am start; train, flight, train. I finally make it to Berlin at midday. The team were already there and I was greeted with smiles and hugs. 

Copious amounts of yummy Berlin food later we were ready to do the recce for the evening run, which was the whole reason I was there. I should explain:

Midnight runners are a London running crew who run every Tuesday night. The run consists of a 10k stopping around every 2k for circuits. They are a hardcore crew with a supportive team environment. 


The crew decided it was time to branch out to other countries seen as their London flagship has over 300 members! The first country being Berlin. 


My brief was to capture the run with an essence of Berlin. The recce was great fun we cycled on hired bikes which are located all around the city, easily accessible and pretty cheap to rent. 


All that was left to do now was RUN. 


I've been lucky that in my 5 years of photography I've seen and photographed so much in such a short time. However whenever I photograph for midnight runners it is always my most challenging shoots. It requires lots of external lighting because your shooting in total darkness. 

Luckily I had planned for such a scenario. I came prepared with a roto light (a circular LED light) and a flash. Normally I run the run with the runners but because I had to carry two flashes in a new city I thought the bike would be a better (safer!) option. 


The adrenaline was unreal! I was totally riding the midnight runners hype throughout the whole shoot.  Music was booming, people were shouting and the German's really know how to party! 


Only two mini disasters happened during the shoot. My flash decided half way through the shoot to produce a really annoying red light which means error. Seen as I couldn't take the photos without my flash, to say I was worried would be an understatement! However after a quick tap on my hand (Warning; this isn't sound advice just Anna advice) it started working again!! With 30 seconds to spare before I took the giant group shot:


After the run I was exhausted (I'd been awake for 24hours by this point) but totally satisfied and throughly happy. 


The rest of the trip includes sight seeing. 

More food.

And getting to know the amazing midnight runners. 

The best way to describe Berlin would be relaxed, green and spacious. Personally I think it is a city done right. The people are kind, they have amazing food and the fitness culture is slowly starting to take form. I highly recommend a visit! 


P.s for those wanting to know the technical reason behind using a flash and external LED light. I decided that a flash alone wouldn't be enough because I couldn't easily auto focus on runners with just a flash in total darkness. So I used the roto light to shine on the runners with one hand and then took the photos with the other. It worked a dream! 

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