Love Trails Festival

A weekend full of adventure, running, dancing and food.

What more could you want?


The drive down on the Thursday was pretty uneventful taking around 3 hours from London. After the tent was erected and sleeping bags were allocated we were finally able to relax and enjoy the fresh air that is Dorset.

Most days started with either yoga or running but because I was photographing the festival my schedule was slightly different to most. We were lucky that we had 5 amazing photographers covering the whole event. 


Most Londoners immersed themselves into festival life pretty quickly, the beer was flowing, shoes were being laced up and even I found myself taking a much needed break from city life.

Salomon  were giving out free trail shoes for anyone to take a test run

Salomon were giving out free trail shoes for anyone to take a test run

You camp on one hill away from the main stage but the general meeting point is on the adjacent hill, this was a great space to meet like minded people. 


I have a confession about the running itself, I may have forgotten my trail running shoes... However I was actually ok. The trails themselves were fine for beginners, just be prepared for lots of hills and undulating roots. Their were lots of people covering the front and back of the group so no one got lost or left behind.

My favourite part of the whole weekend was running to the sea, the whole run was 15k but half way we stopped for some pretty impressive views.

And of course had a little paddle 


Running is only one half of Love Trails the other half is the main stage. Each night we had amazing bands/DJ's performing where everyone could change from their sweaty trainers to dancing feet. 


I can't recommend the festival enough, this was only it's second year but I can already see promise and bounds of potential. 

The amazing George and Theo - organisers of the festival 

The amazing George and Theo - organisers of the festival 

Till next year...


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