Makeni Marathon

A truly amazing experience. 

I stumbled upon Street Child at a Triathlon Show at the time they were advertising for their West Africa Cycle Challenge. We had a chat and one thing led to another, next thing I know I'm booking a flight to Sierra Leone to photograph a marathon and cycle challenge! 

We stayed in Makeni which is a small village three hours from the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown. The accommodation was basic but slightly liberating as we were stripped from out 1st world necessities like wifi and technology. None of that is needed in SL, they live simple lives. 

The week that lead up to the marathon involved site visits to local schools which Street Child have helped through recent years, the children were always ecstatic to see us shouting 'Appo' which means white person. I wasn't sure if they were just shocked to see white people or whether it was a term of affection but we rolled with it. 

The marathon day itself was slightly hectic, we woke at 4am to get down to the starting line in time. The plan for the day was that I would ride of the back of a motorbike facing backwards with my cameras over my neck, photographing as I go. Sadly I don't have any images of this bizarre set up you'll just have to take my word for it! 



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