Swim IO

How to shoot in water

This shoot started off with a very important question, is your camera waterproof? 

My initial answer was no. My camera is so precious to me the idea of accidentally dropping it in a pool makes me want to cry. However we needed to make it waterproof, I enlisted the help of cameras underwater (based in Devon) to provide me with a water proof housing that covers my camera like a dry bag. Sadly the bag didn't come in time for the shoot so I had to risk it... 

The images on dry land were fine because my camera was safely away from water damage but I wanted to push the boundaries and try some more exciting shots which meant getting in the water. This meant lots of treading water and holding my camera above the water as high as possible, thankfully my years of childhood swimming lessons paid off! (thanks mum). 

The company I shot this for, Swim IO, which stands for Smart Swimming Technology. Have invented an ingenious app. 

"SwimIO is a free fitness app that’s tailor-made for swimmers. You can easily set and reach goals, track swims, join challenges, and find pools near you. Start making every swim count." 

Personally my favourite feature on the app is that it tracks you as you swim letting you know when you've reached certain distances for exmaple swimming the english channel. 

I believe you cannot improve your photography unless you push boundaries, taking a £1,000 camera into a lake whilst only treading water was my adventure for the day!

Health and Fitness Photographer