1. Name: Missfits Nutrition

  2. Sport: General fitness

  3. Profession: Providing protein powder designed specifically for women

This event was an honour to photograph, the brand Missfits does not only provide healthy wholesome protein but they also want to educate, empower and encourage women into fitness. 

'Our pea protein sachets are designed with the active woman in mind'

Starting off the event with a brutal hour workout from @alt_healthy_becki and @londonpaleogirl following with snacks from @sambazonuk (a lot of names I know but it was just so good I can't not brag). I liked being part of a company that want to help women move more according to a Cosmopolitan survey 14% of women are intimidated by men, therefore preventing them from exercising. THIS IS NOT OKAY. 

During the Q&A we discussed social media, a topic I'm well versed on and highly skeptical about. We chatted about how everything can look perfect but actually everybody is the same. We all have bad days, we all crave naughty treats and nobodies life is flawless. So don't judge yourself on what other people are doing, everyone's different.

We also covered the topic of 'working out' how much is okay? Do I workout too little? Eventually coming to the conclusion that again everyone is different, work out as much as you want as long as you're getting a health dose of exercise do what suits you. @chessiekingg talked about over exercising which can be just as bad as under exercising. It's slightly confusing I know! But all of their advice was informative and inspiring, I felt super motivated!

Health and Fitness Photographer