How to Overcome Emotional Eating

The brilliant Rachel is on a mission to fix peoples relationships with food. Her blog is about healthy eating, mainly plant based, and how you can live a fairly easy lifestyle whilst still eating healthily.  

Some of her recipes include:

Finding hidden spaces in the  Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Finding hidden spaces in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens

During the shoot we talked about Rachel's own relationship with food which hasn't always been easy. She said this is what has inspired her to teach others, she wants to encourage people to:

- never again use food to make yourself feel better
- stop feeling frustrated that you can’t control what you eat
- not have to keep worryng about gaining weight
- be able to enjoy a scoop of ice cream this summer because you no longer worry that one scoop will turn into 2, or 3, then the whole tub!

Rachel's blog really resigned with me personally because food is so important in my life (mainly because I love it so much) but also the binge culture is so prevalent in the life of a millennial that sometimes it's hard to escape it. Personally I'm susceptible to eating too much chocolate in one sitting or eating too many chips but if we live life with a balance of food we shouldn't feel a need to binge. So I salute Rachel in her mission and hope her all the best! 

Health and Fitness Photographer