Running in 30 degrees is hot! Running in 30 degrees with a camera is hotter!! 

On this 5k with Charlie we woke up at 7am to miss the heat of the day, that plan was a bit of a fail from the start. The weather was not cool in anyway.

I ran as I normally do with my camel bak and camera strapped in. We mainly ran along the coast which made for beautiful images. 

Often I need to be physically faster than the runner I'm photographing so that I can sprint ahead and catch them running towards me, but charlie was nice enough to stop for me (phew..). 

I love running but it's taken me quite a long time to get used to running with a back pack, I started when I was run commuting in my old job. You actually have to change your running style slightly so that you glide rather than bounce (especially with a camera on your back). 

The only issue I encountered was keeping my camera dry, as you can imagine due to the heat, to say I was sweating was an understatement! To solve this problem I slid a cotton bag behind my camera to soak up all the moister, it worked a dream. 

Thanks to Neilson Holidays , The Runner Beans and Lululemon for allowing me to capture such beautiful light.

Health and Fitness Photographer