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Why I choose Nikon even though they overtly promote male photographers

I do NOT want to slander Nikon in anyway I am purely disappointed like a mother is when their child has had all summer holidays to do their homework but left it until the last minute. 

Recently Nikon brought together 32 creatives to test out their new DSLR who all happened to be male. According to Nikon none of the women they asked were available. 

Here's a little background story of Nikon and I, almost like a Disney fairytale...

Photo credit  Flawless Photography

Here's little old me at one of my first ever weddings. As you can see I had a Nikon from the very beginning purely because the photographer I was shadowing at the time had Nikon. He praised it so highly that I didn't even consider trying Canon. It wasn't until I started my first job in photography (as a commercial photographer) that I tried using a Canon camera. The first thing I noticed was the size. Like you can see above my hand comfortable fits around a Nikon body (I have very small hands) however when I used a Canon body my hand didn't fit comfortably, kind of like a shoe that doesn't fit quite right. It felt wrong and super uncomfortable! 

However sadly after my first photography job, my second job as an architectural photographer also used Canon cameras: 

I didn't seem to mind at the time! 

I didn't seem to mind at the time! 

Looking back it never bothered me considerably because I wasn't holding the camera all day, I used to bike to the shot, snap it and then put the camera back in my bag to bike to the next location. But since I started my latest venture as a health and fitness photographer I often have to run a 5k holding my camera the whole time so grip has suddenly become one of the most important aspects of my camera. 


It makes me sad to think that Nikon couldn't find just one woman to test out the body of the camera, it would have restored my faith in Nikon as a brand and given me hope for the future. 

Like all fairytales I don't want to loose faith in Nikon just yet, they may look like the villain at the moment but with a little encouragement I'm sure they can turn this situation around. I believe in you Nikon! 

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