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So much to tell you about the LOVELY Sarah and when I say lovely I truly mean it, she is one of the most beautiful people inside and out. 


Sarah was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in 2014,

"When I was diagnosed, I was told that my chances of ever having children were massively decreased and left to my own devices. Being told this, drastically changed my life and my relationship with food."

Her blog is particulary interesting because she is treating her condition with diet. 

"Through extensive research I learnt to treat my condition with good nutrition and regular exercise, cutting out sugar and upping my intake of greens and protein. I have had so much fun creating delicious recipes that have enhanced my life dramatically."

She is a true inspiration during this shoot she told me about the struggles of having to eat regularly which makes it hard to maintain a healthy weight but personally I think she looks incredible.


Her top tips are:

  • Eating foods with a low glycaemic index
  • Eating every 4 hours
  • Never skip breakfast!
  • Cutting out or limiting dairy intake

She hopes to inspire many other young women who share her condition or just anyone who is ready to ditch toxic foods for good.

Which I whole heartedly support. 


Click here to read more about Sarah's story 

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