Robin NYC

A little about Robin:

  • New York Times best seller for her book "Shut up and Run"
  • Co founder of the print publication Undo magazine, which combines sweat and fashion.
  • She has a law degree from New York University 
  • RRCA certified running coach

All round a pretty amazing woman. 


The shoot involved following Robin on one of her training sessions to experience a 'day in the life' shooting at The Fort gym. Personally this is my favourite type of shoot because it's not staged, it's more personal and captures real life.


Robin works hard for her craft, she gave up being a lawyer just so she could pursue her passion for health and wellness. 


This shoot was riddled with technical difficulties! The lighting was too low to shoot without flash but because the shoot was so fast paced it was difficult to position the flash every time. There is no easy solution for shoots like this you just have to position and shoot. 


Health and Fitness Photographer