Why do so many people love shoe photography?

Corey and I have asked ourselves this question many times, whenever she or I post an image of shoes on Instagram people go crazy. WE DON'T KNOW WHY!? 

Could it be the angles, the colours, the movement or the fact that people just love having pretty feet? Whatever the reason this (see images below) has to be the prettiest shoe shoot I have ever done. 

When in Sardinia (I feel like that should be my catch phrase from now on) Charlie and I captured the amazing Parley shoes which were made by Adidas, they wanted to provide:

"A wake up call to the world about the coral bleaching crisis”

As an eco warrior I truly support Adidas's campaign for Parley, they want to highlight the problems occurring in our oceans. 

"The shoes are made from recycled plastic found in the sea."

As a Zero Waster (what is zero waste?) I know how detrimental single use plastic can be on the environment and I’m happily cheering on Adidas for being such big supporters of our planet! 

Charlie and I shot this after a very very hot 5k run in sunny Sardinia with Neilson Holidays our only option was to run as fast as we could into the cool Mediterranean Sea!


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