London Underground




Charlie and I decided to push the limits on where you can run taking the idea of not needing a gym to a WHOLE new level. 

To plan this shoot we had to work out when the underground would be the most empty, this meant meeting at the ungodly hour of 4am (coffee shops weren't even open!). But Charlie was a true trooper and turned up bright eyes and bushy tailed. 

Low lighting + moving subject = photography nightmare

The only way I could over come this was to either use a flash or up my ISO. The problem I have with flash is that it's quite obtrusive and in some of the shots we wanted to be incognito, so this meant upping the ISO. 

As most photographers know this means more noise and grain, which is an easy fix in Lightroom or Photoshop but not ideal. During most of my post processing I have pre-made presets which allow for extra grain. This helps give the trendy grungy look which most Instagrammers go for. Win win! 

This shot has to be my favourite! Oh London..

Working with Sweaty Betty and The Runner Beans

With special thanks to London Underground

Health and Fitness Photographer