Mental health is real, it's honest and it's finally being talked about. Bethan is not only physically fit but mentally too.


She actively talks about how running can effect you not only physically but mentally. She has recently started a mental health podcast which I think is brilliant! (Plus it's great to listen to on long runs). She's changing the way I think about mental health but also making it socially acceptable not to be ok. 


I first heard about Bethan when she contacted me for a shoot, I immediately stalked her (as I do with most of my clients, I'm not ashamed!). She had just posted a blog post about how she was having trouble with her mental health and how much it effects her life. After a warm hug and general chit chat we got down to the nitty gritty during our shoot. She explained how it all worked.

Personally I am an emotional person, I often cry at the silliest of things, like when my sister eats the last biscuit in the packet, really silly I know. But Bethan explained how it was different for her, her mood swings can literally effect her for the whole day. The struggle is real. 


So thank you Bethan for a wonderful shoot and for opening my eyes to how running can help not only physically but mentally. 

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