The Running Photographer

When Breathe Unity asks you whether you can photograph a run my initial answer was YES but on second thoughts 

We thought about biking along side the runners, me being positioned at different points along the run or me just being at the end of the run. However none of these would have covered the whole run so that only left one option. TO RUN THE RUN. 

So that's what happened, I ran a 5k. Admittedly it was more interval training than a paced run but it was so much fun! 



The women on route all began mingling and sharing running adventure stories which was a really exciting atmosphere to run in. We took over all the roads and literally stopped traffic from the amount of us. 

Running with extra weight wasn't as hard as I thought, once your body got over the initial shock of having a camera attached I actually found it really challenging (but in a good way).  

Half way through the run we took a massive group shot: 

Women run strong

After the run it was story time, from four epic humans. 


The main subject that Kelly touched upon was running in a sports bra. Something that I know a lot of women wouldn't ever dream of doing but she described it as liberating and in humid countries a real life saver. 

Susie talked about her recent marathon, marathon des sables, a week run through the dessert with limited water, carrying all your belonging on your back including food! She's still recovering from blisters and a bad cough but said it was an amazing experience. 


We finished the event with lots of supportive words and hugs. Thank you @breatheunity for throwing such a great event!  

Health and Fitness Photographer