What is Zero Waste?

I know this isn’t related to picture of people running or yummy healthy food but it’s something I’m very very passionate about! 

I became Zero Waste at Christmas, I watched all my family open lots of presents covered in wrapping paper and although don’t get me wrong I love the spirit of Christmas, I didn’t like the waste aspect. 

So I started thinking outside the box and by outside the box I mean no box, no wrapping paper and just presents but presents that people NEED or actually WANT. 

From that day I changed my life, this sounds very drastic it wasn’t that drastic, but I broke the habit that we all have of throwing things away. I started buying my food in bulk at zero waste shops. I'm very lucky that London is full of shops such as ‘As nature intended', ‘Unpackaged at Planet Organic' and bakeries that sell items in bulk. 


I started taking a container everywhere so that if I wanted meat from the butchers or just a takeaway from Itsu I wouldn't use plastic packaging.

Carrying my own water bottle is essential, we are lucky in the uk that the tap water is drinkable so we may as well use it!

My essentials are: 



Cotten bag with draw string

Coffee cup 




If you buy the right products you can fit these all in a little bag, simple.  


All of these little changes means I no longer have a need for a bin, I still have a recycling bin for things like bus tickets that I have to use or the occasional eBay purchase (usually to do with cameras) that I need for work. But apart from that no bin is needed.

Being zero waste means I now see the world differently, I see the amount of waste we produce everyday and how it's so easy to stop it. 

The thing that shocks most people is clothing, I never buy new clothes. Their is an abundance of clothing produced everyday all over the world, so I thought why buy new clothes when if you look that little bit harder you can have cheaper and just as nice second hand clothes. 

Being prepared is the key element of ZW life, as the scouts say "by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail"

Questions people regularly ask me:

How do you brush your teeth? 

With a bamboo tooth brush , much nicer than plastic ones! 


What do you use for toilet roll?

Who gives a crap, no literally it is a company called who gives a crap. All their packaging is biodegradable as well as the toilet paper. 


What do you use for shampoo? 

I use lush, they have a range of natural shampoo which comes in soap bars (a lot better for the fishes). Plus no plastic packaging! 


What do you snack on in the city? 

Fruit, bread and veg are usually all unpackaged. I tend to eat those if I've forgotten my lunch or want a quick snack. This also means as a default I eat healthier and maintain a healthy weight without really thinking about it. 


What do you use on your period?

So this invention is genius, I use a mooncup which may seem scary but it's actually very easy! Plus you can boil it clean after each cycle. I've not tried these yet but there are also pants that absorb your period that you just pop in the wash after use. 


Biggest Challenges

1. People thinking I'm crazy because I hand over Tupperware instead of just asking for a takeaway, I don't think people will ever get used to that!

2. Not planning ahead, it took me ages to get into the right mindset of thinking before I pack my  bag for the day. I often have to think of certain scenarios which might need either cotton bags or containers.

3. In the beginning I missed things like chocolate and yogurt, my two loves in life. But after much exploring I found a chocolate shop that sells it in bulk, Dark Sugars, and I'm buying a yogurt maker! 

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